I seem to have been born with an artistic desire, and fortunately was given many opportunities to cultivate it!


As a child,

I remember making silly Weiner dogs out of Sculpey clay for people and making a sleigh and reindeer as a gift for Santa. I remember being really satisfied with trying to copy this master painting of a landscape in 4th grade with pastels. I thought I was doing a really good job at drawing just like the painter painted. I remember trying to draw reflections in art class and relishing the challenge.

I remember painting a toucan in a drawing class, and the art teacher had us splatter salt water on our pieces at the end to make a “neat” effect. Oh boy, did I get mad when she splattered my painting! I remember drawing George Bush, Ross Perot, and Bill Clinton in blue pen on printer paper as we watched the debates when I was 7.

I have so many fond and blurry memories of popsicle stick creations, painting on shirts with acrylic, and drawing cards for people. How many papier-mâché pigs sculpted around balloons did I make with my best friend in elementary school? How many times did my cousin and I “make paper” -- which consisted of tearing up printer paper, mixing it with water in a blender, dying with paint and glitter, and then arranging in a flat(ish) new piece of artisan paper?

2015-10-01 17.59.38.jpg

I was so fortunate to have so many opportunities to create as a kid, because I think it was all practice for what I want to do now.


I was an artist as a child, but also a perfectionist. I wanted to get things right, and I loved school as a place where things were clearly marked as right or wrong. That side of me is the side that loved math and science, and the side that chose to go into engineering school -- twice. But, I love that side of me, because it’s also that side that says, “You need to practice drawing the figure, Anne,” and, “You need to practice drawing or painting everyday and nail these techniques, Anne.” It’s the side of me that relishes those really challenging studies, the side that wants to know how to paint figures accurately so that I can be fully present and creative when I am actually working on representing someone’s essence on canvas.

So, my creations all pivot around the intense desire to satisfactorily represent the world on paper, wanting to make something beautiful, new, and perhaps a little silly. It is extra fun if my perfectionist brain and my exploratory brain work together. My creations as a child also reflect my love of giving pieces to others to enjoy. It is magical to be able to experience the making of something beautiful by recreating and interpreting it myself, and the magic is compounded when others are able to experience some of the re-creation themselves when they view it.

Fancy Goats Smaller.jpeg

I also just love to tickle the mind with silliness and whimsy


I am thrilled that you have come to visit me and explore my creations. I hope that they speak to you and you feel some joy when looking at them. My art education is ongoing, and has ranged from local art teachers in Boulder, workshops taught by the likes of Daniel Sprick and Quang Ho, classes at the University of Colorado and Johns Hopkins University and the Academy of Art University, attendance at figure drawing workshops, and, of course, continued self practice and discipline.

As for those to engineering degrees I mentioned, they are a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado. I had some breaks from art while pursuing these engineering degrees, and a period of being totally lost from it right after college. But somewhere along the way, I realized how incomplete I was without it, and have pursued art with increasing intensity ever since.

My primary media right now are oil paint, ink, watercolor, pencil, and colored pencil. I also do occasional graphic design contract work. Other things I've loved to do are: sculpting with clay, making stop animation films, sewing clothes, and carving things. I just love to create, especially with my hands.