Anne Greenstreet Portrait

Anne Gatchell Greenstreet

Photo by Brian Rowe.

My name is Anne Gatchell Greenstreet, and I'm an artist and software engineer living and working in Boulder, Colorado. By day: software engineer at at Sphero, Inc! By different time of day: artist extraordinaire! By night: probably more painting, or maybe a bike ride. I've been drawn to art since I could finger paint, creating with any media I could get my hands on ever since.

My art education is ongoing, and has ranged from local art teachers in Boulder, workshops taught by the likes of Daniel Sprick and Quang Ho, classes at the University of Colorado and Johns Hopkins University and the Academy of Art University, attendance at figure drawing workshops, and, of course, continued self practice and discipline.

My primary media right now are oil paint, ink, watercolor, pencil, and colored pencil. I also do occasional graphic design contract work. Other things I've loved to do are: sculpting with clay, making stop animation films, sewing clothes, and carving things. I just love to create, especially with my hands.